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About Culture Change

Essential Attributes of Culture Change

  • Choice

  • Dignity

  • Respect

  • Self-Determination

  • Purposeful Living

  • Care and all resident-related activities are directed by the resident.

  • A living environment that is designed to be a home rather than an institution.

  • Close relationships exist between residents, family members, staff and community.

  • Work is organized to support and empower all staff to respond to residents’ needs and desires.

  • Management enables collaborative and decentralized decision-making.

  • Systematic processes that are comprehensive and measurement-based, and that are utilized for continuous quality improvement.

  • A changed culture values each individual life as having intrinsic worth.  Each person is treated with dignity. Each person’s life has meaning.  Each person’s death is viewed as a sacred time.

  • Environments that are inviting places for families and the community to visit and develop strong relationships.  Where everyone strives for “normalcy” in their daily activities – doing “normal” things rather than scheduled activities.