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About Culture Change

Results of Culture Change

Increased choice, independence and purpose in life

  • Care centers serve as the hub of a connected community

  • Reduction in depression, falls, behaviors, weight loss and drugs

  • Avoidance of loneliness, boredom and hopelessness

  • Workplaces that foster and empower all levels of staff

  • Greater respect for caregiving as an honored profession

  • Valued relationships and friendships between all involved

  • Knowledge is exchanged between generations

  • Meaningful family involvement; decreased guilt

Source:  A Place to Thrive, Promoting Person-Directed Living in Minnesota, Minnesota Health & Housing Alliance, with permission


“When I am with someone with whom I have a relationship, I know that I am living.  But, surrounded by people who are strangers, funneled into daily routines that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable, my life unknown to others, I’m not sure I am alive.  It’s as though I have fallen out of life – perhaps into a living death…  relationships are not only the heart of long-term care, they are the heart of life.  And life ought to continue, wherever we live.”

Source: “Relationship: The Heart of Life and Long-Term Care,” by Carter Catlett Williams, MSW, Convener of The Pioneer Network